here is the announcement letter


     We are excited to announce that we WILL be starting our kindergarten program THIS SEPTEMBER! We have consulted with the founder of a similar private program to gain valuable insight on how to begin our program successfully. We will now offer a private, Christian kindergarten class this September, so we want to lay out what our program will look like in more detail to help inform your decision to register.

     We want to begin by highlighting some of the benefits of choosing Park Ridge:

  • An extremely controlled environment that will be clean, sanitary, and safe (meals can be eaten in the classroom instead of a cafeteria, bathrooms are not shared with other classes, staff will be able to thoroughly clean and sanitize through out the day, and students can spread out within our large classroom space)

  • No early releases (as the Northshore School District does every Wednesday)

  • Intentional character building curriculum

  • A teacher and principal with teaching certificates

  • Ability to offer unique extracurriculars, field trips, and special programming (as public schools do not have the same funding or flexibility)

  • Smaller class size that will not exceed 16 students (as public schools often exceed 20)

  • Discounts on before and after school care

  • Provided transportation

     What will the program actually look like? Of course some details are subject to adjustment as we continue to dive into this process, but we have a general outline of what your child’s year of kindergarten will be like. Each day, your child will arrive at the brand new facility on the church campus and walk upstairs to the top floor. Their temperature will be checked and then they will be signed in to a thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and equipped classroom. They will be greeted by their teacher and soon begin a full day of learning and exploring. They will be taught curriculum that is specifically designed to target Washington State standards for each subject as well as some added Park Ridge standards. They will not only cover all kindergarten material, but also some beginning first grade material once your child is ready. This will include math (problem solving, recognizing patterns, number values, etc.), literacy (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), science, music (singing, rhythm, instrument exploration, etc.), physical education, social studies (social norms, friends, family, etc.), art, and occasional non-traditional STEM programs. Your child will learn in a variety of ways, including a literacy-rich environment, opportunities for exploration and creativity, workbooks, computer programs, and so much more! They will also be taught about Jesus, Biblical principles, and important social skills like how to be a good friend, saying please and thank you, and how to solve conflict appropriately. Their class will even have access to a newly built outdoor playground (and eventually an indoor gymnasium) for P.E. and recess.

     Who will be running this kindergarten class? All of the daily education and activities will be under the care of a certified teacher and a qualified aide. The program will be supervised and organized by our current Kids Connection Site Director, Luke Anderson and Park Ridge Preschool Director, Tracy Landes. Our curriculum will be supported by our Curriculum and Instruction Specialist, Brenda Sebranke. Our cleaning and sanitizing will be done by staff members who are trained in all of the government guidelines for virus-prevention.

     We will provide a safe, clean classroom, a better education, richer experiences, and a more organized setting this year than other schools can.

     If this is something that interests you, please contact us for details regarding hours and tuition at: 425-481-8801 or

     Refer to this link for information on the steps we will take to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all students and staff.