Image by Markus Spiske

About Kid's Connection

Kids Connection is a before and after school care program for students attending elementary schools within three miles of our location. We offer transportation to and from these schools.


Our heart behind Kids Connection is to be a home away from home. Our team of qualified staff is trained to be more than just supervisors. Your children and your family matter and we value those we serve.

A home away from home means that we strive to create an atmosphere where your children are safe, feel seen and known and have positive relationships. We want the children in our care to be safe, so we operate on a 1 adult : 9 children ratio. All our staff are CPR certified and all activities are done together with our staff. It is important that we know your children. At Kids Connection the staff have conversations with your children so that they can learn more about them and know who they are as individuals. It is important to us that your child has been asked how their day has been. We work hard at assisting children to be good friends, and classmates. We encourage positive conversations and play time. At Kids Connection we want to surround the children in our care with positive influences who will be a part of their growth and development mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

A big focus at Kids Connection is to point children to Jesus. We are a faith-based day care and we love to share Jesus with our children and their families. The children in our care will learn bible stories and songs and will pray with us daily. Our staff model the heart of Jesus. We love your children because they are first loved by God. We teach them about this life-changing, unconditional love, and encourage them to share it with all of those they interact with. Know that when you choose to send your children to Kids Connection you are also giving Kids Connection the gift of caring for them and you. 

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